Friday, 23 December 2011

Training Rambles

Well things have been running along smoothly of late. This in turn has given me little to write about.  However writing about good things can only leave a positive spin on things. As far as my training goes all is coming along well. No huge improvements at the moment but in the same breath I’m not expecting any just yet. I’m happy just to get back into the flow of things and let the training sort me out. I’m 4 weeks into my first block of training with Steve (Dutriandrun) and although I’ve missed a couple of sessions for various reasons I’m happy with how it’s going and how much motivation it’s giving me. I’ve set a short-term goal to race the Grimsby ½ at the end of February so at present the training is based at building towards this race. As long as my training and health stay on track, I hope to run a fast time and gain confidence coming into the new triathlon season.

Along with the running I have been focusing on getting my swimming back up to scratch and so far so good. My only concern is I’m not far off the pace I was swimming prior to my illness and this is where it tends to stay. Therefore, I’m changing up the swimming routine a little and adding some drills and accessories. This I hope will give me the improvement I’m looking for.

But as the New Year approaches the bike has been sitting and waiting patiently and I'm starting to feel the itch to get back on it and add it to training regime once again. I’ve been quite happy to forget about the bike and focus on the other two disciplines but I feel it’s about time to get those legs pumping. I also have some change ups planned for the New Year on the bike as to give me another gear come race day.

Although we have only just hit the early days of winter, I’m starting to get super excited about the year ahead, as this year was one to really forget. Seeing fellow friends map out there race plans also has me keen to nail down my goals and races for 2012.

Multisport Canada recently threw a spanner in the works by announcing they would have an elite age division that would race for some season ending prize money. I think it’s a great idea given that it should bring out the best there is to offer and should create a very competitive triathlon scene. Money talks!! I’m sure there are plenty of triathletes getting excited about the possibility of winning some cash.  As great as this sounds I don’t think I’m going to chase any of it. I may do one or two races in the series but not enough to qualify for the prizes.

Back to the running, it was great to get together with the FMCT boys again for a run in High Park. It’s been great getting out on the group runs every Sunday morning to catch up with friends and to forget about the individual focused training. I organized with CLIF BAR to meet us there and hand out various products from the CLIF range for the boys to try out and give me feedback on. I got a feeling everyone was happy to receive some early Christmas presents. I’ve been really happy with the products CLIF BAR (especially the Chocolate flavored shots) have given me to keep me going through training sessions and also in my recovery.

Lastly a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. It’s going to be quite the New Year for me in more ways than one! J