Thursday, 13 October 2011

Falling Leaves 5k and Turkey Trot 5k

    This weekend will see the start of the cross country/running season for me. It also marks the return of all out racing for me since my hospital visits. Unfortunately i'm having a bit of a set back with a flare up at the moment which tends to leave the body stiff and sore and a constant nauseated feeling. But that's where the complaining stops. I don't like excuses, yes things happen but get on with it and do the best you can!!

 So i'm excited to get out there and give it my all regardless of the result. Obviously my fitness isn't there but i'm in it to do exactly that!! Test my fitness. From the results this weekend Steve will base the beginning of my training schedule on these results.

  It's funny to read over the words "excited" about running in some cross country races. Take me back to high school and i was finding shorts cuts so as I could finish the race early. I at know point cheated, I simply waited for the guys that were in front of me to pass then I would cross the finish line. But now i'm not only in the races and excited about them, i am paying money to go in them. Time is a wonderful thing!!

 Saturday is the Falling Leaves 5k. A pure cross country race ran at the University of Guelph, Ontario. The Sunday race is run within a provincial park in Burlington, Ontario on a variety of surfaces. Both will be challenging in there own way, look forward to giving a race recap.


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