Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Winter Plans

      At the beginning of last week, my goal was to introduce myself to the pool again. I was a little nervous as the last time I had been in the pool was 4 months ago. Nervous that I had lost so much fitness that it was going to be a real struggle to swim 100 meters. I was right, it was a real struggle! I managed to get through a 2k session and felt happy despite the long road ahead. I swam a 1k TT to see how my times where shaping up and with an 18.05.00 I know I have a busy winter of swimming. Since the first swim I’ve been back again and in a short space of time, I’m feeling stronger and positive about my quick progress. I’m enjoying it too which is always a bonus as staring at that black line lap after lap can get highly boring real fast. Next year I plan to swim two open water sessions per week, as I have missed this a lot over the last couple of years and it has affected my race times also.

   Along with the swimming, I have hit the Yoga mats for some Hot Yoga.  I’m hooked!! Such a great way to spend an hour building your core and stretching at the same time. The amount of sweat that comes off you is amazing; it’s as though you have a tap turned on above you. It’s been a great stress reliever and I find myself having a great sleep afterwards. I will definitely continue to attend a Yoga class a couple of times a week throughout the winter months.

 At the moment, my training has not followed any real structure but I’m working on it as we speak and as of next week, I will be back on track and training with a bit more purpose.

  Speaking of next week, I will be back in hospital just for a day visit to check up on the Colitis. At the moment I am still in a flare up, one day I feel great the next day I feel awful. I’m a little nervous the Doctor may want to put me back on the steroid and if this is the case then my training can go back out the window for an extended period. So I am really hoping this is not the case.

  Whilst I’m talking medical conditions, I went to see an Podiatrist last week to try to pin point the issue with my foot. The condition I have is known as Morton's_neuroma . A nerve that feeds the third and fourth toes. Whenever I run or walk, I am unable to stride out because if I put pressure on this nerve it feels like I’m treading on a rock. I have dealt with this problem for years now so I’m happy I have finally had it seen to. So the prognosis is: get the nerve cut out or orthotics. I want to get it cut out but that means weeks off work and off my foot. The stories I have read from people doing this is that it has a very high success rate and this can only mean improved running form and times for me. I am due to see the Doctor again next week to discuss which avenue to go down.

  Other than that, I entered into Muskoka 70.3 again for 2012. I’m super excited about this race, as 2011 was forgettable due to my health. I will be racing this with the FMCT guys and girls which I’m thrilled to be doing as it’s going to make for some great pre race training weekends at Muskoka, as well as plenty of friendly competition and fun between those racing. I’m hoping it will be a successful race so as I can qualify for the 70.3 World Championships in Nevada, Las Vegas 2013. My only hurdle is seeing how I pull up after Ironman Canada two weeks earlier. But no excuses, I hate excuses!!

 Now with some sad news "The Shed" in Belfoutain will be closing down as of December 1st, 2011. I am gutted by this, it was my favorite place to finish up after a long ride and meet my wife for a coffee or stop and grab a gatorade for the hard ride home. I plan to ride there this weekend for one last hoorah! All are welcome to join me.


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  1. Mima and I will have to try make it out on a sunday morning to get a coffee with you guys before the Shed closes its doors. Thats sad to hear.