Sunday, 6 November 2011

An optimistic outlook.

   It was a tough week for me this week both physically and emotionally. My health has been far from perfect, with most days being a real struggle to get through. I found myself barely getting through dinner and then heading straight to bed. It’s difficult to cope with, my head is finally ready to go, but my body is not allowing it to happen. With no energy to lift, lengths of timber at work there is even less energy to put into any physical exercise. My Colitis is totally stress related and the best way for me to release that stress is to get out and train. So, I feel as if I am spinning my wheels with no real escape. My new diet is going to take time to get used to and I know that it is also not helping with my lack of energy. I feel no matter which way I turn there is something stopping me from eating or drinking. It’s certainly not the case, there are plenty of things I can have it’s just a matter of finding them. It’s frustrating to say the least. I enjoy coming home after a long week at work and putting my feet up to a couple of cold beers. These little things really make a big difference when they are know longer on the menu.

    As the weather gets cold here, things have already started to heat up back home in OZ. This is my favorite time of year, race season has just kicked off and we are only a month or two out from Christmas. That means holidays, surf, sun and some extra hours to train. I miss not being able to race with my mate’s and heading up and down the coast to compete in the big events. On the weekend was the Port Macquarie 70.3 classed as the Australian Age Group Championships and a win in your division would get you an entry into the Australian Ironman. A number of my friends headed North to race and all of them had fantastic results. The positive about the opposite race seasons is that it really spurs me on to train hard in the off-season and be ready to race come the start of the new season here. It feeds the fire in my belly!!

   Today was a great day. I was feeling a lot better, and was looking forward to getting out for a group run with the FMCT guys and girls. The weather was amazing and I felt good cruising along for our 10k outing. It certainly helped me forget about the week just gone and gave me a positive outlook on the week ahead. This will become a regular Sunday event for me during the off-season. It’s more about enjoying the company then it is about running breath-sapping intervals or hill repeats where your heart wants to explode out of your chest. For me it’s definitely, what I need.

I’m optimistic about my hospital visit on Tuesday a mandatory check up that puts me out of action for a couple of days. Although I am, still know where near 100% I feel that good health is not far away and as soon as that happens, lookout because I’m on a mission to be in the best shape of my life.


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  1. Well written Kano! Your mission will come true with all your efforts and some help from your family and close friends! Your a big inspiration and the perfect role model for me to get back with it and stay fit. With out our health, we have nothing.