Sunday, 20 November 2011

Time to reflect

Over the past two weeks, my frustration has continued to grow. Battling this colitis feels like a full time job. It has eliminated any physical activity outside of work, which I’m struggling to get through anyway. It has begun to make me question why I should worry so much about getting better so I can begin training again or should I just sit back and let it happen. I don’t get paid to train hour after hour. I don’t get paid to go out and win races. So why should I worry about it so much? Is it really worth it? The stress of the training is only adding fuel to the fire. I have Colitis as a result of the heavy workload of training I put myself through to try to be the best.  Would it really make a difference if I packed away my running shoes, sold my bike, and just forgot about Triathlons?

So, I asked myself what got me into triathlon.

Well long before I started competing in triathlons I remember watching my Uncle compete in Ironman Australia at its original home in Forster, NSW. I found it exciting and I loved listening to the commentators talking about the leaders and where they were out on the course. I thought it was amazing, how could these people be doing this? He went on to compete in Hawaii and the dream has always been there for me to one day make it as a competitor myself.

                                                        Dad, myself and my Uncle Mark

That was a long time ago and although it wasn’t until late in my twenty’s before I began competing it was for many different reasons. Life was starting to slip away from me and I knew I needed to make some changes. I remember my first run was about two kilometers long and when I got home, I was proud of myself. Day by day, the training volume increased and actually competing in triathlons became a reality. My point to this is it made me happy, I was excited by it, I felt challenged and determined to be good at it. It’s not because I want to be paid for the hours of training I do, rather it’s what I love doing. It clears my head; it keeps me fit and looking healthy. I love going for rides in the country side and running along the trails or swimming 2 or 3k in the ocean.

So where to from here? How do I beat this without beating myself up? For once in my life, I really need to be patient. Patience is not one of my strengths but I know if I want to continue doing this I need to let the colitis run its path. I’m determined like nothing else to get to the finish line of my first Ironman and to make it to Hawaii. The colitis is here with me to stay I just have to make it my friend.

I managed a swim and a run over the weekend that has put me in a positive frame of mind and I’m excited about the week I have planned.

Shout out to my old boy who won his Age Group in the first race of the Sydney Triathlon Series.

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  1. Good luck, Kano! You've got at least a few things going for you: family, lots of fight in you, and you're still young. Step by step, lamp post to lamp post, mile by mile, you'll get there.

  2. Kano,

    Keep battling! You got the motivation to make the most of the situation. We are all cheering for you. Great to see you out in the park for our FMCT run today!